Detroit Aug 2013 Eat, paint, sleep,paint,eat ,paint,sleep.

 Dustin Spagnola and I drove from Asheville, Nc. to Detroit last week. The trip is only 10 hours. Asheville is a good home base . Several  U.S. cities are within reasonable driving range. I brainstormed about what I wanted to paint in Detroit. This city is the capitol of the industrial revolution.  I wanted to leave a positive message. but also a warning. Or even a message to future generations about what happened here. My final drawing had the lettering that stated "Beyond Civilization" "humanity's next great adventure." The title of Daniel Quinn's follow up the Ishmael trilogy. After spending some time there and observing the environment and listening to locals I decided to keep the design simple as possible. Everywhere you look there are old letters, and lots of graffiti . I wanted to make my mural look as opposite of everything as possible.
      Thanks Detroit for letting me leave my contribution.and thanks to the Grand River Creative Corridor.

illy mack and ghostbeard

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