Art Basel Miami 2010

Everything worked out nice this year with my mother moving to West Palm Beach, Florida. I went home for thanksgiving. Good home cooked cuban food. Then pushed off to Miami for 5 days. My plan was to sleep in my van and paint as much as possible. I met up with Dustin Spagnola , Molly Freeman, Avery Duncan, Court McCracken and Luke Boussard. Ahh Miami Beach Nice and warm. Dustin had been planning this trip for a while ,complete with fundraising and community voting for the image that he was to use. I went along to help and I was lucky enough to paint my own imagery along side Dustin's work. Gas nozzles! The nozzles represent our growing fuel problem. and they look like sixes. 666 the mark of the beast. I added broken glass, its my shout out to Marcel Duchamp's The bride stripped bare by her bachelors . Dustin got us a wall on a cabinet shop in the Wynwood art district . Nw 24th street across from the Dorsch gallery. We painted all day only to find out that the wall we got had already been secured by Msg graff crew for a Miami vs L.A. wall one month before we got it. A little miscommunication between the property mananger and the property owner.Oh well thats life. So we finished our pieces , and went to find another wall.
Cafenia had a great wall for us. So round two started that night. I got over getting buffed pretty quick when I saw this new wall. Dustin 's image of Frida Kahlo was powerful with her braiding her hair topless. A woman being feminine and Latina. Molly ,Courtney and Avery rolled our background with a mint green that reminded us of a mental institution. Molly brought in her fantastic shapes that reminded me of a Japanese lanterns ,flowers or fruit . In my opinion another strong feminine touch. It was a perfect puzzle piece for our mural. Then I laid in my gas nozzles. Since my other gas nozzles were going to be covered up i redid therm in a triangle pattern that mirrored the shape of Frida to create a balance in the mural. These two images really made me think of Asheville. Politics, environmental issues and Female power. We also had a photographer , Luke Boussard. Luke filmed and shot photos . He will be creating a short film about our trip that will be shown in Asheville, North Carolina in the next two months. I would also like to thank Scott for his duggie an for running errands for us.

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