charleston, south carolina I s h m a e l hosoi L

My idea for this piece was mixing two different styles. The first letter I is a lock in a realistic style,the key hole representing the I . The S is simple grafitti style. The H is two art deco women in the shape of an H, the background is banana leaves. The M is in a graffiti style,so you see the pattern is more traditional styles from our past then modern graffiti styles. The A in the shape of a pryamid and the mayan symbol for Hunab Ku. The E fill is inspired by a Mexican poncho pattern.The L is a tribute to my favorite skater Christian Hosoi but more than  a tribute it is more a reference to a great feeling I had when I would see this board. Nostalgia of my youth. The Hosoi design is in a bubble gum pink and it was a board I owned.


  1. it is beautiful...very creative. In every little thing in this earth would be seen much beauty when you do some enhancing to it. Like this. events limo service in Charleston

  2. Kinda shitty you painted over that Sheperd Fairey...As if you couldn't find another spot.